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Demountable Wall System
Features & Benefits:

This demountable interior wall system allows varied and flexible layouts to complement any interior design scheme.

Designed to provide a solution to most workspace division projects. All frames and panels are factory finished, allowing fast, simple installations and reconfiguration.

Components: Aluminum framing, glass or wooden panels.

Ideal for:
Schools, Banquet
rooms, Church facilities and Offices.


Tile Panel Partition
Features & Benefits:

  Open frame partition with flat, removable tiles that snap into the frame
  Allows for the entire inside of the partition to be utilized as the cable and power raceway
  The power and data cable access on this system makes it easier to perform changes or maintenance on the power and data lines
  More flexibilit. The individual tiles can have different fabrics or other surface materials applied to them to allow for a more refined, designer look
Slim/Screen Partition Features & Benefits:

CRE8 Table
CRE8 Close-up

Provides a polished, avant-garde look to your office
Space saving features includes a 12-slot panel connector for easier panel angle adjustment
Light-weight and heavy duty aluminum framing and partition components
Partition parts convertible to table legs, cabinets, etc.
Monolithic Panel Partition   Features & Benefits:
Combo Partition System
  Perfectly designed to divide a single workstation into several sections that provide space saving benefits, design options and interchangeable components.

This functional and durable panel system offers options to suit any workplace while providing cable management for neat and quick access.

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