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Closing without the typical "clatter and rattle". BLUMOTION spares both the drawer's contents and the cook's nerves.

The demand from Blum was to develop a new, technically savvy and inspiring closing function. It was not only to involve noise reduction, but also provide a visibly pleasing and fascinating experience when drawers and pull-outs are closed. The result of these efforts is BLUMOTION - perfect movement, quiet and easy.

BLUMOTION is more than just dampening. The name stands for the perfect movement of drawers and pull-outs, quiet and easy

No rebounding or springing back
The last phase of the closing procedure leads to a perfect, harmonious movement without rebounding or springing back.

Whether narrow, light drawers or wide, heavy high fronted pull-outs - it doesn't matter BLUMOTION always guarantees silent and effortless operation.