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Storage Space can be easily customized to your needs using adjustable internal dividers such as the ORGA-LINE organizational system.


Drawer layout can be changed

The flexible ORGA-LINE system gives you the freedom to design interior space to suit almost any storage requirement. The system can be combined and supplemented to cater for any individual eed and a wide variety of applications.

The ORGA-LINE systems comprises of cutlery containers made from high grade stainless steel. The individual containers can be removed for easy handling.
The stainless steel cutlery containers are dishwasher-safe for trouble-free cleaning.
Lateral and cross divider sections in large drawers will make for better organization and give a perfect overview of stored contents
Pots/ Pans
Cookware should ideally be stored witin easy reach of the oven hub. Pots and lids can be stored separately using cross divider section.
Plastic Containers
The Orga-line dividing system helps you store a large number of plastic containers with a minium use of space-and you can always find the right lid.
Pull-out for Bottles
Bottles of all shapes and sizes can stored upright and within easy reach. Cross dividers ensure that everythingis held in place and on view.
The Orga-line plate holder is a practical and convenient alternative to storng crockery and shelves.